To test your Ferrari

There are 2 variations of the electric window circuitry on Ferrari's. One (and most have this type) is compatible with my window helpers. To determine if you have the circuit that works with these window helpers you need to first test for compatibility. You will need a 12 volt test light. By test light I mean a 12 volt bulb with 2 wires. If you touch these 2 wires across a 12 volt battery the bulb ligh ts . Take off an inner door panel. Find the wires that go to the window motor. There are 2 wires that go to the electric window motor. If there are connections that is good. If not you will need to strip a small amount of insulation off each of the 2 wires to do the test. The two wires may also be inside a plastic tube. This tube will need to be opened to get to the two electric window wires. Ground one wire from the test light to the door. Make sure the ground is good. Turn your key on to run (no need to start the car). Put the other end of the test lead on one electric window wire and see if the bulb ligh ts . Take that same test lead and put it on the other electric window wire and see if it ligh ts . If the bulb does not light my window helper will work on your Ferrari. You can double check and hold the test lead on one wire and push the button up and down. The bulb should light in one direction. If you put the test light wire on the other electric motor wire the test light should light when the switch is pushed the other way.


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