Ferrari 308 328 348 Dino Mondial Window Accelerators


Do you have a Ferrari and the electric windows are terribly slow? Try my cheaper/better window helpers/accelerators. If you have a 70's - 90's Ferrari that has terribly slow windows like I had on my 1990 348 TS - this kit will make the windows move up and down at a normal speed. Easy to install. $119.00 per pair (One pair does one car) plus $8 shipping. Includes installation instructions. Never suffer from slow windows again! You will be amazed at how fast your windows move with these installed. They certainly will not be lightning fast but will generally move at a very reasonable speed.

Never again be embarrassed again about your slow moving windows on your Ferrari!! On my 348 when I bought it in early 2007 the windows hardly moved up. They moved down only slightly better. To get them up you had to open the door, push the switch and pull up on the window. Even then it was a struggle to get them to go fully up. Once I installed this accelerator device the speed of the windows increased dramatically. Although they are not lightning fast they move at a very reasonable speed. They do not fit all Ferrari's Please do the test listed below to insure they fit your Ferrari before ordering these kits.


* Should fit all other late 70's thru late 80's and possibly more Ferrari's. Please perform the following test before ordering to see if it fits your Ferrari.