How They Work

Typically the single biggest reason Ferrari windows from these years do not work well is because the existing electric window wiring harness does not provide a good ground to the electric window motors. The way the Ferrari electric window system works is when you push the button to go up one wire is positive 12 volts and the other wire is the ground. When you push the button to go down the polarity in these two wires is reversed. The opposite wire becomes the positive 12 vol ts and the other wire becomes the ground. Although there can be voltage losses in the wiring harness, switch and any connections along the way - providing a better ground will significantly improve the speed at which the windows will move. This box provides an improved ground making the window motors work much better as they will now receive more voltage and amperage. There is no added burden on the stock wiring harness. There are no detrimental effec ts to the stock wiring system or switches. This box senses which wire is hot and automatically makes the other wire become the ground and it direc ts that wire directly to the door frame.

These are not always a cure-all for slow windows. You may have other problems like old dried up grease in the window lift assembly or marginal connections in the rest of the electric wiring system. This kit will not correct those types of problems. In most if not all cases the speed of the windows will increase dramatically.