New and improved design!

These window accelerators are now assembled on a printed circuit board and potted in a hard plastic case. The boxes are sealed with two part epoxy potting material. This provides a 100% waterproof construction. The advantages of using a printed circuit board: There are several advantages of using a printed circuit board for these Ferrari electric window accelerators. All connections are now soldered. There are no “push on” spade terminals used in their construction. The other Ferrari window accelerators available in the market today use push on spade terminals in their construction. With my soldered circuit board design there is no chance of a marginal connection at anytime during their use. Relays: Heavy duty top quality high amperage automotive grade relays engineered for use in automotive electric window applications are used in these window accelerators. Now with built in arc suppression: There are two automotive grade MOV's on the circuit board. What do the MOV's do? The MOV's absorb any arcs created when the window switch is released. This insures long life for your window switches. A good example of this is if you have an appliance that has a large amperage draw such as a portable electric space heater. When this heater is on and you pull the plug from the wall outlet you will notice a spark. This also happens in window switches. When you release the electric window switch there is a small arc is created each time. Over time this arc degrades the contacts in your window switches. The two MOV's mounted on the circuit board in my window accelerators absorb that energy and thus eliminates that spark in the window switch which significantly extends the life of your window switches. Final assembly: This circuit boards are now inserted into a plastic box and filled with a two part epoxy electronic potting material. This insures a waterproof and vibration proof device. Everything that is needed for installation is included in these kits: Included in these kits are all the necessary parts for installation. Butt splices, shrink tubing, top quality 3M double sided emblem tape to mount them to the inside of the door and some tie wraps.The plastic box that these window accelerators are installed in also have two holes that may be used if you choose to use screws to mount them inside the doors.